Payday Loans and mortgages still growing in the first half of 2015

Italian families are permanently back to apply for loans: these are the end-to-end knowledge company Barometer figures for the first nine months of 2015, data that confirm a trend that has been going on since the hardest phase of the economic crisis seems to have been overcome.


Mortgages for house purchase recorded the most decisive increase: compared to the first six months of 2014, the increase was 58.6%. This increase is encouraged by both the best available credit offers and the recovery in the real estate market (with prices still falling). The average amount of mortgages required remains low compared to 2014: a sign of prudence on the part of households, but also a figure linked to lower property prices. The duration of mortgages, however, is lengthy: in this way, the installments weigh less on the monthly balance of households.

Loans (personal and finalized) also increased, with a + 7.6 %% compared to the first nine months of last year. In this case the loans are aimed at buying a good or a service to show a greater increase, with a + 13.4% and an average amount in the month of September of 7,699 euros.

Less uncertainty and a recovery in confidence are undoubtedly positive signs but, even in a period of greater economic tranquility, we must not put aside the attention we had during the crisis:

  • we evaluate our economic situation and consider the maximum amount that we can repay every month;
  • we are attentive to our creditworthiness ;
  • compare the offers on the market, read information and contracts and choose the one that best suits our situation.

To assess our credit situation and to have an adviser available to us in the management of the payment of installments, we can turn to Advanti, an instrument to calmly and consciously deal with our debt.

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