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A cash loan, like any other loan, can be obtained ONLY at a bank. On the other hand, a cash loan is also provided by loan companies. This is a fundamental difference. What is cheaper?

Sometimes a small loan is worth taking out in a loan company, but under a few conditions: it is a relatively low loan, for a short period of time (up to 30 days) and the loan offer is addressed to new customers at a promotional price of 0 € (APR 0%). This means that we will pay nothing for the loan, or € 1 (1 €) for confirming the data and verifying the applicant.

Cash loans and loans in the bank

Below is a search engine for cash loans and bank loans. You can quickly check offers, search for a bank and contact for more information. Parameters regarding loans and credits can be determined independently.

Internet loans without credentials – loans with no certificates that they can search for are bank and non-bank cash loans. Usually a new (= unknown) customer for a bank or loan company usually has no chance of getting such a loan. Alternatively, in the case of another loan, a bank or a loan company may not require a certificate of earned income.

Credit online without any certificates – like above. The loan that is possible to obtain is to exclude a cash loan. If we do not use the cash loan offered by “our bank”, usually there is no way to get such a loan. The bank must verify our creditworthiness on the basis of income earned or on the basis of a bank account statement, e.g. for the last 6 months.

Online loans without Database ( cash credits without Database ) – there is no such loan product in banks. Banks check not only creditworthiness (statutory requirement), but also the credit history at Database. Each credit inquiry involves sending a request to the Credit Information Bureau.

Non-bank cash loans

Non-bank cash loans

Search engine for non-bank cash loans. It was accepted to speak of such a loan as a “fast cash loan”, due to the fact that it can be obtained quickly, with a minimum of formalities and for a short period of time. Currently, loan companies offer not only payday loans up to 30-60 days, but also long-term cash loans, up to two years and more.

Main inquiries about credits and loans

Main inquiries about credits and loans

A loan in 15 minutes via the Internet without certification – it applies only to loan companies on the Internet and this applies only to persons who are registered in a specific loan company and used such a loan. As a rule, in this situation, the loan company does not require a statement of earnings or bank statement.

A non-bank loan via the internet is offered in several loan companies. We can distinguish both loan companies and short-term loans up to 60 days and installment loans.

Non-bank loans in installments – as above Loan installment proposals can be found in several loan companies on the Internet. Usually these are cash loans payable in monthly installments. They are granted from € 500 to even 20,000. The period for which you can take such a loan depends on the specific loan company and usually it is from 3 months to 36 months. Some companies also offer a longer loan period, but as a rule it does not exceed 48 months (4 years).

Internet loan without payment certificates. There is no loan company on the internet that has a loan offer without installment certificates. Each such entity requires presentation of the source and amount of earnings obtained.

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